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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am waiting for You dear.

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Im waiting for you whole night.
Im waiting for you to wish it. 
Im waiting the best wishes from you.
Im waiting the romance phrase from you.
Im waiting the beautiful word from you.

That night Im talking to the moon.
Im talking about you.
Im asking to the moon.
Do you love me ?
Do you really love me ?
Do you sincere to love me ?
The moon just like understood what Im saying.
The light of the moon was so bright light.

Im not very satisfied for that.
And Im talking to the star.
Im asking to the star.
Do you miss me ?
Do you really miss me ?
Do you sincere to miss me ?
The star-like sparkles with the full understanding and cheerfull.

But, Im still upset for this.
Because I need you to explain it.
I need you to say it.
All I need is from you.

I want to hear the wonderfull wishes from you.
I want to hear few verse romance from you.
I want to hear beautiful words from you.

Its ok, Its alright.
I am still waiting for you even though a long mane.
I ♥ You so much dear ☺

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